The summer sun painted the room in hues of gold as Ryan and I settled into our dad’s study, a sanctum of deep thoughts and profound decisions. As conversations of High school, SAT prep, college, and the maze of the future enveloped us, I couldn’t help but be drawn to an unspoken question, one that lurked silently, much like an unsaid truth everyone knew but avoided.

As our conversation ebbed and flowed, like sands slipping through time, my gaze locked onto our old notebooks, stacked and forgotten. “Dad,” I ventured cautiously, “is there a way we could breathe new life into these? Perhaps recycle them?”

His eyes, always a window to the world of possibilities, sparkled with intrigue. “If you’re willing to champion the cause,” he responded warmly, “I’m right behind you.”

With a blend of enthusiasm, tools, and a sprinkling of Dad’s guidance, we fashioned our first recycled notebook, which we lovingly dubbed ‘SecondVerse’. It wasn’t merely a compilation of pages; it was a testament to innovation and sustainability.

Ryan, with his forward-thinking ethos, widened the horizon. “Imagine,” he mused, “the ripple effect this could create. Perhaps our small endeavor can be the beacon for change in the community.”

This contemplation set the foundation for Green Good Guardians, an endeavor that transcended the boundaries of our home, touching hearts and inspiring action. The mantra was straightforward: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our journey so far has faced some challenges, yet each one only deepened our resolve. As I now we have moved out from my Dad’s study and found place in the garage, I’m surrounded by an overwhelming sea of notebooks donated by our community, each awaiting its own ‘SecondVerse‘. The sheer volume of contributions, the faith and trust of so many, fills my heart with gratitude. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for embracing this cause and playing their part in crafting a brighter, more sustainable world.

Persis Garg