India Chapter (Delhi NCR Region)

The Green Good Guardians – India Chapter marks a groundbreaking expansion of our mission, stepping beyond the classrooms of the US to the vibrant heart of Indian capital New Delhi (NCR region). This new chapter is not just an extension of the work we started in the USA; it’s a bold leap towards embedding the principles of sustainability into the fabric of global education.

Spearheaded by the dynamic Shaurya Krishnamoorthy, with the collaboration and guidance of Founder Persis Garg and Co-founder Ryan Garg, this initiative seeks to harness India’s rich diversity, youthful energy, and transformative potential. With a focus on the fundamental tenets of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, we’re setting the stage for a sustainable revolution. India’s demographic and socio-economic landscape presents a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of change. By empowering its young population with the knowledge and tools to make a difference, the Green Good Guardians – India Chapter aims to showcase to the world the incredible impact of collective, small-scale actions driven by young minds and hands.

Together, we’re committed to building a future that’s not only sustainable but also a testament to what we can achieve when education and action unite on a global scale.

Team India

Persis Garg
Persis GargFounder
Persis Garg, the Dynamic Force Behind Green Good Guardians. At just 15 years old, Persis Garg is not only a dedicated sophomore at East Brunswick High School but also the visionary founder of Green Good Guardians. Daughter of Mr. Gaurav Garg and Ms. Shweta Patil, Persis has always been driven by a desire to make a tangible impact on the world around her. Excelling academically, she balances her rigorous studies with a fierce commitment to her school’s track team, consistently earning medals and accolades that showcase her determination and athletic prowess.
Shaurya Krishnamoorthy
Shaurya KrishnamoorthyLead India Chapter
Shaurya, a bright 15-year-old, is deeply passionate about education, community engagement, and fostering human connections. A son to proud parents Mr. Santosh Krishnamoorthy and Ms. Vidhi Madan, he is currently a 10th-grade student at The Lawrence School, Lovedale. Shaurya is not only an avid sculptor, finding joy in creating forms from his imagination, but he is also a keen Minecraft player, utilizing the game as a tool for building new worlds and expressing his creativity.
Ryan Garg
Ryan GargCo-founder
Ryan Garg, the Young Innovator Behind Green Good Guardians. Ryan, a vibrant and dynamic tween, has already made waves as the co-founder of Green Good Guardians. His youthful charm and persuasive skills make him a natural influencer among peers and adults alike. Currently navigating the challenges and opportunities of 7th grade at Churchill Junior High School, Ryan juggles his academic pursuits with a commendable dedication to wrestling, demonstrating his resilience and teamwork on the mat.