A Second Chance

The blank pages of notebooks have followed me since the day I could hold a crayon, their pages witnessing how I have changed over the years. What was once the chicken scratch of a girl in elementary school is now the somewhat sophisticated handwriting of a high schooler. Unfortunately, these same notebooks that offered me a chance to wield them as instruments for creativity and imagination were rarely used to their capacity. I often ended multiple school-years with dozens of half-filled notebooks, their empty pages yearning to be recognized. But my lack of appreciation for the pages that gave me a sanctuary for late-night ideas, doodles brought to life out of boredom, class notes organized by color, and personal thoughts that would not dare escape further than my pen, led to the rejection and throwing out of these half-filled notebooks.

I realize now that along with unused pages, I threw away the environment’s gift to me: freedom to dream, learn, and express myself on those crisp white pages. My mistake is what I urge other not to make. Notebooks and their empty pages deserve a second chance to empower other minds, other dreams. You can grant them that by donating your gently used notebooks at one of our drop off points. They will be reborn as SecondVerse Notebooks packed with 50 pages, ensuring none go to waste. By doing this you are not only recycling paper, but playing a part in a bigger cause, passing on the privilege of expression to those who need it.

Persis & Ryan Garg