In the bustling town of East Brunswick, New Jersey, nestled within the rigorous academics of East Brunswick High School, Persis Garg had an epiphany. As she sifted through stacks of partially-used notebooks from previous school years – remnants of completed assignments, scribbled notes, and memories – she couldn’t help but juxtapose her reality with the stories of her father’s childhood. Stories where school supplies were a luxury, reused year after year until they wore out.

Drawing inspiration from her past and concerned about the environmental implications of discarded notebooks, Persis, alongside her brother and co-founder Ryan Garg of Churchill Junior High School, embarked on a journey to establish the Green Good Guardians. Their mission? To re-purpose old notebooks, ensuring a greener tomorrow while making quality education more accessible.

The Spark Behind Green Good Guardians

Many of us remember the nostalgia of school days – new notebooks brimming with possibilities at the beginning of the school year, only to be discarded, half-used, at its end. Persis felt the weight of this waste. Influenced by her father’s tales where every page and every pencil counted, she envisioned a non-profit that would give these discarded pages a new lease on life.

From East Brunswick to Broader Horizons

Beginning with family and friends in their hometown, the initiative soon found resonance in the wider community of East Brunswick. The siblings reached out to local businesses and school administrators, setting up donation boxes and making their dream tangible. The community responded enthusiastically, their outreach gradually spilling into neighboring townships.

The Vision and Mission

At the heart of Green Good Guardians lies a deep commitment to sustainable education. Persis envisions a future where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but an ingrained lifestyle, where every page saved contributes to conserving our environment, and every repurposed notebook brings a smile to a student in need.

The organization’s mission aligns perfectly with this vision: to minimize waste, promote a culture of recycling, and ensure that every student, regardless of their economic background, has access to essential educational resources.

Join the Movement

Green Good Guardians stands as a testament to the fact that one person, no matter their age, can make a significant difference. From the small town of East Brunswick, a movement has begun, championed by young minds with hearts set on a sustainable and peaceful future.

If you’re looking to contribute, collaborate, or simply learn more, reach out. Let’s walk together on this path of sustainability, ensuring that the future is not just educated but also eco-conscious.