Hello, incredible artists and doodlers of all ages!

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your artwork featured for a purpose that resonates with the heart? Well, here’s your golden opportunity! Green Good Guardians is on a mission, and we believe that your creativity can be the beacon that lights our path.

Why should you join in?

Every year, billions of notebook pages go unused, leading to significant environmental and economic wastage. But what if we could turn this around with a splash of color, a stroke of a brush, or a simple doodle? Your art can inspire countless individuals to value every page, every note, and every doodle.

Here’s the exciting part!

We’re inviting artists – be it kids doodling their dreams, adults sketching their thoughts, or seasoned artists illustrating their visions – to share their creations with us. Whether it’s a message about sustainability, a quirky illustration, or just a fun doodle, we want to see it all!

The most captivating pieces will be chosen to grace the covers of our SecondVerse notebooks. Imagine, your artwork could be the face of a notebook that not only serves an educational purpose but also champions the cause of sustainability.

How to participate?

It’s simple! Send your entries to us anytime at hello@greengoodguardians.org. And don’t just stop at one; the sky’s the limit! Keep those creative juices flowing, keep doodling, and let’s come together to amaze and support our community.

A Final Thought…

Art has the power to move hearts, to inspire change, and to make a difference. With your help, we can transform the narrative, one notebook at a time. So, pick up that pencil, brush, or stylus, and let’s paint a greener, brighter future together!

Stay inspired, keep doodling, and remember: Your art can shape the world.

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